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Bottle of Blues

Andy Peterson

Andy has been a Front-of-House/Monitor mixer since the late 1980's. He has worked with numerous local bands, including Appaloosa, Totally Confused and Jay-Jay, he is currently working with Bottle of Blues and Epic. He has a strong background in recording as well. In his 8- years as a staff engineer at Baltimore's Clean Cuts Music, Andy tracked, mixed, edited and created sound design for many award-winning commercial spots, albums, and multimedia presentations. He is currently a staff mixer at Discovery Communications, Inc. in Silver Spring, MD.    
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Bill Ryan

    Bill was born and raised in Delaware. An accomplished percussionist with nearly 30 years experience, Bill has toured the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean and is well versed in all styles of music. He's been a resident of Frederick, MD since 1995 and currently plays throughout the Maryland & D.C. areas.
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Joe Farace

Joe has been playing music in the Baltimore area for the past 28 years. He has performed with many different groups. In the 1970's, Joe recorded two albums with the local rock group "Orange Wedge". He wrote the music portions of the songs on both albums. His guitar playing includes a variety of styles such as the blues, jazz, and rock.    
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Jack Bennett

    Jack is a native of Baltimore and has been playing music in the area for over 30 years. He toured the East & West Coast in the late 1970's with "Steamboat Willie". Jack is a first choice fill in for many area bands playing any style from Swing, Variety Dance Music, Blues, & Rock. His primary instrument is the electric bass, but also plays the mandolin and guitar. Jack builds, repairs, and maintains all his own instruments.
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Michael Ertel

Michael is a versatile musician who has been playing music since the early 1960's. His formal musical education is extensive, including study at Peabody Prep. He's been with many different bands over the years with musical styles ranging from Motown, Rock, Blues, Disco, Funk, Top 40, and Dance. He has toured the United States and Europe. Michael is a vocalist, bass guitarist, and plays the keys.    
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    NOVA fronts the band with lead vocals and percussion. She draws from Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Latin and Afro-Cuban musical sources to create her own unique style.
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Paul Soroka

Paul's Bio is in the works. Check to back to find out about this great sax, lyricon and keyboards player!!    
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